I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you in London! I had a similar experience in Barcelona while freelancing remotely - my bag was stolen and I lost my passport, laptop and ID card. As stressful and complicated as it is in the moment, it's amazing how quickly we bounce back and find a way forward. Thanks for your reporting and I hope things get smoothed out soon!

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Thank you for your very interesting reporting of the ORFC, in particular about the polls on food systems in the UK. Price is not all. I believe it would the same story in the EU, maybe with some nuances here and there. A subject to look at with deeper attention…

I send you all my sympathy for the robbery of your rucksack and all your belongings therein. Hope you now got everything back to normal, but I know it is an absolutle nightmare !



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So sorry to know that you had so much stolen, Thin. That's awful.

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